For over 30 years, Worthe, Hanson Worthe, A Law Corporation (“WHW”), has been successfully representing individuals, businesses, and insurance companies within the U.S. aviation industry. WHW attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to provide excellent representation in many areas of aviation defense, including, but not limited to, personal injury lawsuits, property damage claims, and aircraft accidents.

We understand the aviation industry and what it takes to defend an aviation-related lawsuit. Many such actions involve claims of manufacturing or design defects, and we have spent years defending manufacturers, distributors, and servicers of aircrafts, component parts, or other aviation products against such claims. WHW attorneys have the technical knowledge necessary to select the appropriate experts for use in an aviation case, to work and discuss the pertinent issues with these experts, and to skillfully depose and cross-examine the plaintiff's experts.

WHW clients value our experience and expertise in the field of aviation. Clients also appreciate our skill in successfully resolving these matters through dispositive motions, reasonable settlements, and trial.

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Professional Liability

WHW has decades of experience successfully defending clients against claims of professional negligence. Our specialty is representing insurance agents and brokers, though we have the knowledge and expertise to defend other professionals as well. Claims of professional negligence often raise issues of client confidentiality and the potential effect on the professional's ongoing business. WHW attorneys are specially trained to address these issues, as well as any others that may arise in such a claim.

In professional liability matters, as in all of our cases, we work closely with the client to develop a cost-effective strategy for resolution. Early on, we meet with the client and discuss the allegations and facts involving the claim; we analyze the issues and provide a detailed litigation plan and budget; and we advise the client regarding the possibility and likely success of settlement, dispositive motions, and trial. Our clients appreciate our straightforward approach to litigation.

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Transportation & Trucking

WHW has extensive experience and knowledge defending transportation related claims involving every type of accident. Our attorneys represent clients in claims for wrongful death, catastrophic loss, severe personal injuries, and property damage. In addition to automobile accidents, we defend major interstate and intrastate carriers in accidents involving tractor trailers and large transports, as well as the companies that design, manufacture, distribute, or service the component parts of the trucks or trailers.

WHW has a 24 hour emergency response team that, at the request of carriers, insurers, and TPAs, immediately responds to an accident scene to evaluate the cause, make contact with the driver, and ensure evidence is preserved. In addition to the emergency response team, we utilize a team of field experts to assist with accident reconstruction, evidence preservation, and facilitation of interaction with any governmental entities involved. By proactively investigating transportation accidents, we are in a better position to help our clients resolve these types of claims cost effectively and timely.

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Premises Liability

WHW regularly defends government entities, restaurants, residential and commercial properties in a wide variety of premises liability actions including claims for property damage, subrogation, title, catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death. WHW defends cases involving liquor liability, criminal conduct of third parties on the premises, inadequate or negligent security claims, heavy commercial equipment, construction sites, escalators/elevators, property line disputes, dog bites and slip/trip and fall. Our attorneys are experienced in conducting thorough investigations and inspections of the premises to gain a full understanding of the claims and all available defenses. WHW has succeeded on many Motions for Summary Judgment in this area.
Products Liability

The attorneys at WHW have years of experience successfully defending product liability claims. Many of these claims are asserted against manufacturers, distributors, and servicers of aircrafts, component parts, or other aviation products. In addition, we have spent years representing manufacturers and distributors of all types of products against claims of defective or dangerous products, breach of warranty, failure to warn, and strict liability.

As a result of the firms extensive experience with product liability claims, we are well-versed in the procedural defenses that are often effective in these cases. We are also familiar with the legal, regulatory, and investigative considerations, and the technical issues involved.

WHW handles product liability claims of all sizes, ranging from those involving slight injuries or frivolous claims, to those based on catastrophic injuries or death. We analyze every case to determine the best strategy for resolution, and advise our clients on the possibility, consequences, and likely success of settlement, dispositive motions, and trial. Further, we work with our clients to develop a sensible, cost-effective approach. Our clients value WHW's experience and proven track record in resolving product liability cases.

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Insurance Coverage & Defense


WHW attorneys provide legal opinions on various first and third party coverage issues to several national insurance companies. We supply opinions under many different types of policies, including, but not limited to: commercial lines, personal lines, builder's risk, aviation, employee fidelity, and inland marine. WHW's clients recognize and count on our thorough and accurate opinions, guided by decades of knowledge and experience.

Examinations Under Oath:

WHW is often called upon to handle examinations under oath (“EUOs”) for its insurance clients in matters of questionable coverage, potential fraud, or a dispute over the value of the claim, among other things. We have years of experience and understand exactly how an EUO should be handled.
Insurance Defense:

WHW is often hired by insurance carriers on behalf of their insureds to provide a defense in many types of actions, including premises liability, product liability, professional liability, construction, and aviation. WHW attorneys work closely with our clients to ensure they achieve the best result possible, at a reasonable cost.


The attorneys at WHW provide legal seminars on many issues, including: Compliance with the Fair Claims Regulations; Litigating Summary Judgment Motions; Issues in Automobile Law; Developments in Aviation Law; Identifying Fraud in Insurance Claims; and Adjusting Business Income Claims; among others.

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Business Litigation

WHW assists businesses large and small in commercial litigation. We have extensive experience litigating cases involving contract disputes; misappropriation with trade secrets; interference with business relationships; unfair competition; and defamation. As a result of WHW's vast knowledge involving these and other issues, we are often able to resolve our business litigation actions through settlement or dispositive motions. Our clients enjoy the cost-effective results we provide.

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WHW attorneys have broad experience with appeals in addition to litigation. We represent clients on appeal from both cases in which we provided counsel at the trial level, and those in which we were hired solely for the purpose of appeal. We are hired for appeals on behalf of both Appellants and Respondents, and our attorneys have argued before the appellate courts on many occasions. Because of our experience and knowledge, we understand all of the procedural and timing issues involved with appeals, and have been very successful with appeals we have filed.

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